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Selling Your Brisbane Commercial Property

When considering selling your Brisbane commercial property you might have a lot at stake, financially and personally.

selling commercial property Brisbane

No matter the reason, you have a few key factors to take into account when making this weighty decision.

Here are five basic tips to assist you when making the decision to sell your commercial property.

 1. Take Stock

  • Get your commercial property appraised. A competitive market analysis will help determine your sale price position.
  • Does it need upgrading internally or externally?
  • What is your financial position?

Benefits – This will help determine your position and future steps to get your listing ready for market.  A well presented commercial property will always return a stronger sale value.

2. Engage the Right Commercial Property Agent

  • Does your agent have sales success in your area?
  • Do they have the right attitude and skill set?

Benefits – An agent with the right positive attitude towards you and your property will flow into the sales process.  An agent with authority in your area will always obtain respect from a potential purchaser.

3. Set Clear, Mutual Goals and Expectations

  • The communication between agent and vendor needs to be fluid and honest.
  • Mutual goals and expectations must be set.
  • The agent needs to walk you through all of the ins and outs of the process, including the recent sales history in your area and how your property sits in comparison.

Benefits – This will set the expectations of the relationship and ensure everyone is on the same page when taking the property to market.

4. Go Exclusive

  • Give yourself, and your commercial agent, sufficient time in the marketplace (as agreed above when setting mutual goals and expectations) to optimise your result.
  • Why dilute your offer, confusing the unique selling propositions (USPs) of your commercial property by having multiple agents?
  • Multiple agents do not equal a fast, cheap sale.
  • In the eyes of the market they more often than not equal a desperate sale.   The right commercial agent will ensure you have a marketing strategy that is cost effective and well planned, relative to the state of the market.

Benefits – One agent will take 100% ownership of your important asset.  By them solely owning the solution you will achieve your desired goal of selling your commercial property effectively.

5. Invest in Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA)

  • You can’t sell a secret and you can’t undersell your product!
  • Listen to your agent.
  • Make sure you invest in the media channels that they recommend will give you the most effective return on investment.
  • If you have picked the right agent, they won’t be telling to you spend outlandish amounts of money on press advertising with a one day shelf life. They will be giving you bang for buck options that enhance you property’s perceived value.
  • Importantly, always present your property with professional photography.

Benefits – It is simple but true.  Advertising showcases your listing to a wider net/audience. This will in turn create more demand and push up your commercial property sale price.

To sell your commercial real estate more effectively and for a greater return.

Contact me now for your No Charge Commercial Property Appraisal.  No obligations, just honest, quality feedback.