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Commercial Property Sales Results

A Different Approach

Sale of commercial property brisbaneConsider this…

When selling or leasing your house, would you list your property with multiple agents? On the flipside, would you buy a house that was listed under multiple agents?


Exactly.  Your Brisbane Commercial Property should be no different.  You may say you have tried this and not received the promised outcome, and that is a fair enough statement, however the bottom line is that:

An agent selling, or leasing, your  commercial property with an exclusive listing is going to give you a lot more focus.

Think of it this way, not only is competing with multiple agents unappealing for the agent, it reduces the attractiveness of the property in the eyes of the market.  Seeing a dozen “FOR SALE” or “FOR LEASE” signs out the front of a commercial property greatly affects the perceived value, appearing, for want of a better word, desperate.

No doubt for you also, as a vendor, dealing with multiple agents is a frustration that takes you away from you day-to-day focuses.

I have trained both residential and commercial property agents all over Australia on the benefits of vendor paid advertising (VPA) and exclusive listings.  These two factors are key criteria for both an agent and vendor success, and for the buyer to feel like they have secured a great investment.

I like to label the effective combination of VPA and exclusive listings as the “WWW EFFECT”:

  • WIN for the agent who lists and sells, or leases, a property to mutually agreed goals and expectations.
  • WIN for the vendor who realises a sale, or lease, for your property to agreed goals and expectations.
  • WIN for the buyer who sees they have made a great investment at a great price.

It may seem simple but this is, simply, not the current reality.

I bring results, ethics, creativity, tenacity and outstanding service to both my team and, most importantly,  to my client.

That is my promise and that is my difference.

Want to know more about the “WWW EFFECT” and how it can help you sell or lease your Brisbane Commercial Property?

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